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Managing & Growing

Take your business to the next level

How to change your business structure from sole trader to company

Are you a sole trader looking to shift to a company structure? First off, congratulations on your growth. Now, it’s time to think about how you’re going to change your business structure. In this article, we guide you through how to change your company structure step by step.

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The complete guide to finding a small business mentor

As a busy small business owner, you’re often trying to juggle more than you can handle at one time. It’s essential that you have a mentor to not only guide you but to support you through some of the tougher times. Here’s how to find the right mentor for you.

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How to attract and hire the right employee

What’s the secret to finding and hiring the right employees to help your business grow? Learn to spot and hire the right talent for your business is to create a team that will help you grow and expand.

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How to set your business up for mobile payments

With approximately 88 percent of Australians owning a smartphone, it’s never been more important for your small business to be setup for mobile payments. Read on for some tips on joining the digital revolution.

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5 ways to stop your business losing money

Is your small business losing money? Here are five simple tips to help your small business stop losing money and start earning.

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You have choices! How to choose finance for a growing business

Growing or expanding your small business? Learn how to choose the right finance option to suit your needs and help facilitate the growth of your small business.

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4 ways to turn customers into brand ambassadors

There are few better brand ambassadors for your business than your existing customers. Learn to recognise, nurture and grow potential brand ambassadors from your existing customer base and watch your reputation grow.

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How to turn your business into a franchise

Has your business experienced exponential growth? Is your product or service in high demand? This may be the perfect opportunity to turn your small business into a franchise! Read on to find out if this might be the right path for your small business.

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Get to know the government grants in your state

We break down small business government grants by state to help existing and new enterprises take advantage of all the help available.

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