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Employees share why they love working for Prospa

Two Prospa employees share the importance of working for a company that fosters a positive culture.

Two Prospa employees share the importance of working for a company that fosters a positive culture.

At a glance

Here’s a snapshot of the advice from our interviewees:

  • A company that puts culture and inclusion first can help its employees enjoy the working experience.
  • Jo Tran joined Prospa because it seemed like an interesting company with many opportunities for growth.
  • "I know that what I do today has a direct impact on our customers … Having that impact makes this an amazing workplace for me,” says Elia Mickaeal.
  • Prospa adheres to five key values, which aim to create an enticing working environment and improve customer relations.

For today’s discerning workforce, finding a fulfilling job is not about paychecks and promotions, but about finding a company whose values speak to your own, and whose mission captures your passion. 

Here, two of Prospa’s employees share the importance of working for a company that fosters a positive culture. 


Jo Tran loved working in start-ups and was contemplating her next career move when she stumbled across Prospa on LinkedIn. 

“I was looking for an environment that treasured culture, growth, and development,” she says. “I wanted to learn, and Prospa seemed like a really interesting company with lots of opportunities. 

“And in the one year I’ve been here, that’s proven to be true.” 

The senior technical operations specialist, who essentially helps to improve Prospa’s processes, says she revels in the fast-paced environment.  

“People here are always happy to pivot or take action quickly if things aren’t working. I’ve learned so much about what’s possible.” 

For credit advisor Elia Mickaeal, the positive experience of previous colleagues working at Prospa was enough to pique his interest. 

“We all want to work hard, enjoy the experience, and celebrate success. Prospa seemed like the right cultural fit for me,” he says. 

When he joined seven years ago, the company was around three years old and employed around 70 staff. 

“There was a lot of excitement about this young business that was doing a lot of great things and changing up the game,” he says. “And I just wanted to be a part of that.” 

Driven by values 

In a few short years, the number of people at Prospa has swelled to around 300 across Australia and New Zealand. 

Nevertheless, Joe and Elia believe it has preserved its small business mentality, a quality that remains central to understanding the requirements of small businesses. 

“We understand their frustrations,” says Elia. “This helps us to have real conversations with them, to be nimble and flexible in our approach. Our attitude is, ‘How can we help? Let’s figure out a way.'” 

Prospa operates on five central tenets: be customer-obsessed, think like an owner, deliver value fast, act as one team, and simplify. 

Simplify is a key one, explains Elia. 

“This value helps us make things super easy – and fast, which is an experience that’s usually a huge surprise for people who’ve had any sort of interaction with finance companies.”  

Community and belonging 

But these values aren’t confined to customer relations and are as much about enriching employee experiences. 

A sense of communal belonging is key to any gratifying work experience, a sentiment Jo felt at Prospa from day one. 

“Coming from a much smaller company was intimidating but everyone had a super-positive attitude,” she says. “People would come to say hi and introduce themselves, which I thought was lovely. Everyone is extremely approachable, even the managers and executives.” 

Jo says Prospa also encourages people to feel comfortable being themselves, no matter their gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, or background.  

“You’re encouraged to have your own voice, and I think that’s really important.” 

Flexible hours, remote working, and social activities also help to make everyone feel included, while sports days and multicultural festivals are enjoyed by people at all levels of the business.  

A firm favourite is the ‘get down’ on the first Thursday of every month, which always has a theme and is a chance for everyone to come together.

Constantly evolving 

But just like business goals and priorities must change, so too must values. 

“We continuously assess our values to ensure they remain relevant to what and who we are as our business grows,” says Elia. 

“For example, one of our previous values was having a day-one mentality, which, as a new business, was about how we were going to change the game. As we’ve grown, that’s changed to thinking like an owner. 

“We’ve been around for more than 10 years now, and it’s a constantly evolving thought process.” 

Never changing, however, is the universal longing for a fulfilling job. 

“If the employees are happy and positive, then that’s going to reflect in what they do and how they deal with customers,” says Jo. 

She says the people are her favourite thing about Prospa. 

“We have such a variety of people but the fact that we all share the same values, that everyone aligns, I think is incredible.” 

Elia feels lucky that every day, he gets to help people. 

“I know that what I do today has a direct impact on our customers. If we’re able to approve a business loan for them it may help pay their staff, cover their expenses during a shutdown, or move in a new direction.  

“Having that impact makes this an amazing workplace for me. And if you wake up and you’re feeling good about yourself and about the place where you’re working, you’re going to do a better job.” 

Prospa prides itself on building an innovative and inclusive environment that prioritises the well-being of all employees – and we’re proud to say we were named one of Australia’s Best Workplaces in 2023, according to the Great Place To Work national recognition program. 

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