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Why people join Prospa and why they love working here

We asked our people why they decided to join Prospa and why they love working here.

We’re very proud to be recognised on the LinkedIn Top Startups list. We’re a financial technology company, based in Sydney and focused on keeping small business moving. We’re shaking up the finance industry, and we know top talent makes a difference.

We asked our people why they decided to join Prospa and why they love working here.

Making a difference

At Prospa, we have a clear purpose behind our work to solve problems for small business owners.

When asked “what was it about Prospa that made you want to join the team?”, Nic Ivanov, answered “to make a meaningful difference to Australian small businesses.” An idea which is shared by many of our staff.

As one team member said: “People being the centre of the business – customers and employees.” And another: “I believe in the vision. I’ve been a small business owner and it’s really hard to get finance from a bank. I feel good coming to work everyday knowing we are making a difference.”


What makes our team so strong, is that we all share similar core values and align on a clear vision. Allan Hardy explains: “One of the main reasons for me wanting to join the Prospa team was Prospa’s values, and that those I spoke to working at Prospa really seem to believe in and work by them.  Those values ate what I believe in myself, and it’s difficult to find an organisation that really does work by their values.”

As part of these values, we have a strong emphasis on company culture and a customer-centric focus which has helped create a highly engaged, high performing team.  Our employees understand this link, and as one said: “The great success within the company and the way it’s growing. The culture, values and smart successful colleagues.”

Leading by example

The support from the leadership team is for one of our employees “like nothing else I’ve ever come across in my working years”. At Prospa, we are proud to have leaders who can truly lead by example and inspire the team members around them.

“The people is what makes a successful company. Once you have the right leadership and right people everything else just falls into place” according to one Prospa employee. To another, “the support and guidance from our Executive Team is at a level that doesn’t compare to anywhere else I have worked.”

People first

Our culture is reflected in our reputation. “Everyone speaks highly of the company – both customer and employees”.  Prospa is “big on people and it shows”. We understand that a company’s people is what makes it successful and they are always its best ambassadors. As one of the team said: “Prospa cares about their staff and you cannot help but get caught up in the close culture, which is like family to me.”

For Chun Yee Chew, there are several items that combine to make Prospa a great company: “In no particular order: the people, the culture, the vibe, the tech, the support, the leaders, and most importantly, our Chief Happiness Officer – Carlos” (Prospa’s resident pooch!).

Sometimes, you just need simple and straightforward words. One of our team members simply answered: “It’s the people. All round nice and friendly bunch of people”.

Retention. Once people start at Prospa, why do they stay?

“The great vibe and energy that emanates throughout. You can feel it as soon as you walk through the door, its electric!”

“I love waking up and being excited about going to work. Each day presents new challenges and new opportunities. I’m friends with the people I work with and I enjoy spending time with them in and outside of the office.”

“The open environment where you are encouraged to speak up to make improvements. The ability to explore new technologies with ease. The willingness to accept failure as part of learning. The constant drive to be better at what we are doing.”

“When I started on a 3 month contract I had never even heard of Prospa. Three months became six, which became twelve. I’ve really enjoyed the people, the conditions are very flexible which suits my family life. Plus, because the company is growing so fast, there are opportunities to work on some really interesting things. You never know what will happen day to day!”

“The things that I loved most thus far working at Prospa have been: Startup mentality, even though Prospa has increased it’s head count significantly, we’ve managed to maintain a startup attitude. Personally I really enjoy this approach to work, it keeps day-to-day work interesting and exciting. Freedom to try new things and innovate. Communication. It’s tough when organisations scale but Prospa has a really good handle on this.”

“Amazing office culture, vibe and energy. You feel the energy and drive as soon as you walk in the door and it’s as motivating each day. It’s a very rewarding job, you feel recognized and appreciated for the work you do and it always makes you want to put in that little extra.

“Prospa listens and delivers. I have never been apart of a company, or even heard of a company, that is so passionate about customers and it’s employees and delivers what they promise. “

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