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eBook: 8 growth hack strategies for small business

8 growth hack strategies for small business
In the cutthroat world of small business, growth is essential for staying ahead of the competition.

Growth hacking is a relatively new tactic brought about by the explosion of e-commerce and social media. Our ebook reveals the 8 best growth hack strategies for small business success.

What’s inside this amazing eBook

Growth hacks

Here’s the lowdown on what growth hacking is and what it can do for your small business. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy genius to take advantage of growth hacks.

Search hacks

Aside from buying up web domains and improving your organic SEO, there are plenty of search hacks that are easy – and quick – to do. Voice optimisation, in particular, has huge potential.

Automation hacks

If your website isn’t mobile optimised, there’s a whole online audience you’re missing out on. Learn how to optimise your digital store and automate time-consuming customer service tasks.

Marketing hacks

Take your business to the people with online surveys, Instagram mining and hosting events – all are ways to grow your brand and widen your customer base.

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