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From family kitchen to community favourite: The journey of Tita’s Cakes

Angelli Morilla is the founder of the iconic Filipino bakery, Tita’s Cakes. The family-run business has grown from a humble kitchen endeavour to a cherished community hub. Find out how Prospa supported the business throughout its s expansion stage.

Meet Tita's Cakes, a Western Sydney bakery where heritage meets innovation, and every bite tells a story. Founded by Angelli Morilla, Tita’s Cakes has transformed from a modest kitchen venture to a thriving hub of cultural celebration and irresistible flavours.

At a glance

A Prospa Small Business Loan helped Angelli:

  • Quickly scale to respond to a huge increase in customer demand during the Covid lockdown
  • Secure her first delivery vehicle to reach more customers and fulfil an increase in orders
  • Boosted sales allowing her to move from her home kitchen to their first store

“My mother has been the driving force behind our family’s love for baking,” shares Angelli Morilla, founder of the iconic Western Sydney bakery Tita’s Cakes.” She passed down her recipes and techniques, instilling in us a passion for creating delicious treats. Tita’s Cakes is a tribute to her legacy.”

Indeed, Tita’s Cakes is no ordinary bakery. Inspired by her family’s culinary legacy and driven by a desire to share Filipino culture through food, Angelli and her family began a journey that would see their humble home kitchen evolve into a beloved bakery that has become a very popular within their local community.

A taste of tradition with a contemporary twist

Step into Tita’s Cakes, and the enticing aromas of freshly baked delights greet you. But no vanilla slices or apple pies are on display here. Instead, the delicious flavours are ube and macapuno, pandan and halaya and lychee and rose. It marries Filipino cuisine with a contemporary twist.

“The inspiration behind the business was my family’s story,” Angelli reflects. “It’s a collective of all our talents and our Filipino culture. I wanted to introduce our community to the flavours and traditions that mean so much to us.”

Angelli says Tita’s Cakes started as a modest home-kitchen endeavour. The first customers were friends and family, but word of the delicious cakes soon spread. “It was never serious at first,” Angelli recalls. “But as the orders kept coming in, we realised we had something special.”

How Prospa fuelled Tita’s Cakes expansion

As demand surged, the need for expansion became evident and during this pivotal moment, Angelli looked for financial support. “Prospa was a game-changer for us,” Angelli emphasises. “The process to apply for funds was seamless. I remember thinking, ‘That was the easiest process. It was quick, it was easy, and it allowed us to focus on what truly mattered – our business.”

With Prospa’s assistance, Angelli purchased a delivery vehicle, enabling her to reach more customers and expand the delivery radius for Tita’s Cakes. The boost in accessibility led to increased sales, reinforcing Angelli’s decision to pursue growth.

“We made enough capital to open a store,” Angelli explains. “Prospa helped us take that next step without the stress of financial uncertainty. It gave us the confidence to invest in our future.”

Charting a path to sustainable growth

As Tita’s Cakes flourished in their new space in Rooty Hill, maintaining quality amidst growth became paramount. Help from Prospa not only allowed them to secure a shop front but also gave them a bigger kitchen space and the chance to hire the right staff, strengthening her commitment of creating high quality and carefully crafted Filipino desserts.

“My focus has always been on quality,” Angelli explains. “Prospa allowed us to grow while keeping that standard intact. It’s a partnership that has been instrumental in our success.”

Today, Tita’s Cakes is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and community support. From its humble beginnings in a family kitchen to its current status as a local favourite, the journey of Tita’s Cakes is an inspiration for any aspiring entrepreneur.

As Angelli looks toward the future, she remains grateful for Prospa’s role in their journey so far and excited for what they might use their next Prospa Small

Business Loan for – a new fleet of delivery vehicles or their next store perhaps. “I feel safe knowing that Prospa is there to support us,” she concludes. “They’ve been a trusted partner, allowing us to pursue our dreams and share our love for Filipino cuisine with the world.”

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