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Marketing your small business doesn’t have to be time-consuming, expensive or complicated. Here are five marketing tips for small business that are quick, affordable and easy.

1. Create a blog for your business.

A blog is a great addition to your marketing strategy. Get creative with your content and use it as an opportunity to share expertise, news and inspiration, rather than just hard selling to your customers and followers. Ask your team to get involved by writing blog articles too.

The hardest part of blogging is often starting. Allocate a few hours to setting up your blog and developing a content plan. This should include things like:

  • what subject area(s) you will focus on
  • how often you will post (weekly is a good start)
  • generating story ideas
  • looking at where you will source images (ideally free)
  • setting up the blog and becoming familiar with your website Content Management System (CMS).

2. Give something away.

Most people like a freebie. There are a few ways to approach giving something away. One is to run a competition and make signing up to your business e-newsletter, or making a purchase, a condition of entry. The prize could be a discount voucher for your store or free product to a set value. For example, it could be a free meal for two at your cafe or a haircut or treatment if you own a beauty salon.

Giving away free samples of a new product is a good way to make current and potential customers aware of it. A patisserie with a new cake creation can offer bite size samples, a deli can offer samples of delicious new cheeses, or a drink company give away samples of their new flavour juice.

3. Send out an e-newsletter.

Email newsletters allow you to connect with customers and keep them up-to-date about what’s happening in your business.  You can include your most recent blogs, as well as business updates like new products or services, special offers and sale notifications. There is a range of email service providers but  Mail Chimp is one to consider if you’re looking for a provider with a free option.

4. Get active in your local community.

Connecting with and getting to know the businesses, organisations and people that live and work in your local community can help to grow your customer base. If people know and like you and appreciate your business, they are more likely to want to support it.

Some ways you can build relationships with businesses around you include:

  • simply introducing yourself
  • supporting their business and referring them to your own customers
  • join and become active in the local chamber or commerce or retailers’ association.

5. Advertise on social media.

Social media is an ideal medium for small business marketing. Different social media platforms will be relevant based on the nature of your business and what you’d like to achieve. Instagram works for visually appealing consumer products like clothing, jewellery, travel and tourism, food. LinkedIn works better for a B2B audience where demonstrating thought leadership through articles is important. Facebook Local Awareness ads can help you target new customers locally, while a video, photo or carousel Instagram ad can connect you with new followers and customers.


What are your marketing tips for small businesses?


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