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Customer success story: Hands from Heaven

Back in 2000, Tony Logan-Stevens was a disenchanted public servant not liking the future he saw. So he decided to change course and pursue a more fulfilling career path in remedial massage, which would eventually lead him to start his own business, Hands from Heaven.

“I decided to do something else that was going to make me a happy person,” he says.

After completing a two-year diploma of health science in remedial therapy, Tony spent five years working in clinics and travelling. By 2007, he felt ready to open his own remedial massage therapy clinic in Stafford, Brisbane. And recently he used a Prospa Small Business Loan to expand the business, so it could offer even more health care options for his clients.

As an alternative to life in public service, massage therapy has certainly delivered what Tony was looking for, who‘s now happy going to work each day.

“I’ve got a successful business. I’ve got four contractors working with me, and I’ve just been able to expand, because the business is growing,“ he says.

Hear more about Hands from Heaven’s growth story:

The building blocks of small business growth

For many years, Hands from Heaven had about 50 square metres of floor space, with two treatment rooms, a modest reception area and tiny washing space.

But Tony and his team dreamed of obtaining additional space to offer more holistic treatment methods, including therapeutic consultations, pregnancy and paediatric massage, dry needling and yoga.

And last year, Tony had the opportunity to do just that and double the business’s floor space.

“Client numbers were really good, business traffic was really busy and it just seemed the right time,” he says.

But the expansion came with extra costs. Tony had to pay for building, painting, flooring and appliances and, despite strong business, he was concerned about managing cash flow during this period, so he looked into finance options.

Tightness with traditional lenders

Tony turned to one of the big four, who had handled his business banking for nearly two decades. He was frustrated by an impersonal and lengthy application process that got him nowhere.

“When I asked them about the potential for covering the business unsecured for a small loan, they were very resistant and reluctant,” he says.

So he turned to an old business finance contact who told Tony about Prospa, advising him there was an easier way to access finance.

“I did the application with Prospa and within 24 hours we had $20,000 in our bank account,” he says.

Stretching out for the future

The financial flexibility Tony received from Prospa helped him transform Hands from Heaven. There are now four treatment spaces and on-premises laundering.

“The funds from Prospa allowed me to create a space that even 12 months after the expansion a lot of clients are saying, ‘Wow, this is so amazing.’

“We now have a clean look, air conditioning, new floors that aren’t covered in carpet and the clients are very happy to be here.”

But the new look and feel is just the start.

What’s next for Hands from Heaven?

Tony sees big things in Hands from Heaven’s future. The clinic averages 80 appointments a week, but Tony would like that number to climb to about 120.

And while the Prospa Small Business Loan helped fund the renovations in Stafford, it has also had  longer-lasting effects.

“One of the things I’m thankful for is that my business now actually has a credit rating to move forward because eventually, I’m going to want to purchase property for the clinic,” he says.

A Prospa Small Business Loan has helped Hands from Heaven:

  • Double floorspace to expand treatment areas.
  • Increase business by 15–20%.
  • Fund building, painting and equipment.
  • Build a strong credit rating.

If you’re wanting to expand your small business, but need finance to do so, Prospa might be able to help. Talk to one of our small business lending specialists or start an application.

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