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Small business, big dreams: In conversation with The Nile Grill and Kebabs

The Nile Grill and Kebab team celebrating small business success

From little things, big things grow.

In the case of husband and wife team Hosam and Glynis, their dine-in restaurant, The Nile Grill & Kebabs, grew from the successful mobile food van that served hungry sailors in the shipyards of Henderson, Western Australia. Here’s their story.

Hosam and Glynis opened The Nile Grill and Kebabs at Eaton Fair Shopping Centre in August 2015. “We cut our teeth with our first business, Yum Yum Kebabs, which was a mobile food van, says Glynis. “It was very successful, trading five days a week in the shipyards in Henderson, Western Australia. We also took it to events and to private functions throughout the year,” she explains.

“We knew we wanted to expand and open a restaurant. So when the opportunity presented to look at a tenancy at Eaton Fair Shopping Centre, we decided to move and take a leap of faith. With Hosam’s amazing recipes and food ideas, and with my 35-year background in banking, business and finance – we knew it would be successful too.”

To make their dreams a reality, the couple needed a small business loan to fund the expansion of their business. However, they were unable to secure finance through conventional banks, as they did not own real estate to secure the loan. Cue Prospa.

Glynis notes: “I can’t recall exactly how we made contact with Prospa but it was prior to The Nile actually opening. When we provided them with a picture of our existing business and our vision to add a new location, they agreed to assist us with some of our set up costs. We explained the details of what we were trying to achieve, and they helped us with a loan for the fit-out, equipment and purchase of kitchen equipment.”

“If it wasn’t for Prospa assisting when conventional banking was not an option, The Nile Grill and Kebabs simply would not exist,” says Glynis.

Ongoing expansion

The couple have since developed an ongoing relationship with their loan provider, using funds to grow the business and to overcome ad-hoc challenges. They once applied for a small business loan to free up reserves for cash flow over a quiet period (which Glynis describes as “a learning experience”).

With their minds set on expansion, they have used their small business loans for a variety of activities to grow their business, including:

  • Marketing and advertising.
  • Menu improvement.
  • Uniforms.
  • Additional furniture.
  • Coffee making facilities.
  • Additional equipment.

“Since starting our relationship with Prospa we have negotiated three occasions for additional funds. All with expansion in mind,” explains Glynis.”

Helping small businesses grow

Glynis and Hosam are quick to note how invaluable support has been to growing their business.

“Reciprocal understanding and an attitude of ‘can do’ is a pleasure to have as part of our support network. Our business is looking to turn over between $850,000 and $900,000 out of our 50 seat restaurant. We’re well on our way to getting what we dreamt of.”

Glynis’s advice to small businesses seeking financial support is to “be honest and clear in your requests and you will quickly establish a great working relationship.” She says business owners should look for a financial provider that understands small business, and has a genuine interest in what is happening within the business well beyond the figures.

“[Prospa] were even excited when we recently advised them of our Readers Choice 2017 award through the Australian Good Food Guide. It was one of the projects their funds assistance helped me to set up nearly a year ago now.”

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