As a business owner, it’s crucial you continue to expand your mind and knowledge. But how do you do it without taking serious chunks of time out of your business? By plugging in to podcasts, that’s how.

Here are our top six podcast picks to get a regular hit of business insight, inspiration and savvy thinking. Whether you’re at the gym or at work, in bed or in the car – tune in to these business podcasts:

1. Face 2 Face – Facebook Australia

Join Australian TV and radio presenter Jules Lund as he digs deep to discover how some of the world’s biggest businesses (and their fearless leaders) are forging closer connections with customers.

With 11 episodes to dive into (and growing), you’ll learn how to curate experiences from the likes of Spotify and Volkswagen and spark conversations like Vinomofo. All the while empowering yourself to be brave with your own brand, use digital marketing to reach new audiences and take charge of your mental wellness.

2. The Venture Podcast with Lambros Photios

Lambros Photios is founder and CEO of Station Five, a technology company helping businesses unlock the power of data, machine learning and blockchain. A software engineer by trade, Photios decided to share his technical knowledge to the masses when he launched The Venture Podcast – and he’s captured the attention of business owners everywhere ever since.

In a recent episode, ‘The Secret Job Interviewing Hack to Recruit the Right Staff’, Photios unpacks his top techniques behind hiring the right staff – something he classes as one of the biggest challenges a founder can face. Uncover the most important attribute for applicants to possess, and what the managing director of Xero Australia tests every potential staff member with.

3. The Osher Gunsberg Podcast – Osher Gunsberg

Week in, week out, Osher Gunsberg hosts a conversation that he hopes will “help you make today a little better than yesterday”. With a library of 300 episodes to draw on, the longstanding podcast comes complete with rave reviews and five gold stars.

The TV and radio presenter chats with notable Australians from all walks of life, including CEOs, photographers, entertainers and authors in a no-holds-barred approach. Together they tackle the highs, the lows, the struggles and success that they’ve faced in life so far, and share how you too can come out the other side bigger, better and brighter than before.

4. HBR IdeaCast – Sarah Green, Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a must-read for many business owners. The HBR IdeaCast brings key business thinking to audio, as HBR editor Sarah Green guides you through topics such as ‘How having a rival improves performance’, ‘Why people – and companies – need purpose’, and ‘The right way to get your first 1000 customers’.

Along the way, Green interviews stalwarts of industry such as Google’s Eric Schmidt and entrepreneur Mo Gawdat. One of the most educational and informative podcasts around, this is a must-listen.

5. The Recipe for SEO Success Show – Kate Toon

Wanting to drive organic traffic to your website? Keen to boost your content marketing? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for actionable SEO case studies? The Recipe for SEO Success Show by Kate Toon has got you covered.

The award-winning SEO copywriter and consultant chats all things business with industry experts including Joost van Valk of Yoast, Dawn Anderson of Move It Marketing and John Mueller of Google, leaving you with tangible, easy-to-follow steps of what to do next. Each episode runs for up to half an hour, making it the ideal grab-and-go knowledge hit for fast-paced small business owners.

6. The Startup Playbook Podcast – Rohit Bhargava

Every week, you’ll find Rohit Bhargava (a 2 x startup founder) chatting to successful entrepreneurs, investors and business industry experts to understand how their business journey begun, what strategies they used along the way and any advice they have to pass on to the next generation of startup founders and business owners.

In the 155 episodes to date, you’ll hear from Vinomofo co-CEO Justin Dry, Top 100 Angel Investor Shelli Trung and The Fifth Watches founder Alex McBride. Tuning into this podcast offers expert insight, practical next steps and key learnings from those who have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt.

So, if you’re looking to start or grow a business, want to understand the best ways to raise funds or simply want to know what steps those before you have taken to succeed, this is the podcast for you.