Small Business Grants WA

Government assistance for small businesses in WA

The Western Australian state government has a range of state based small business grants on offer. These include targeted incentives for small businesses operating in local resources or funding to cover specific work shortages or other local business needs.


Indigenous small business grants WA help to promote business in often rural or remote areas. There are specific small business digital grants designed to support indigenous communities to create stable, ongoing online business opportunities. They cater to a range of business types at varying levels of development, focusing on those who require assistance to get their business online.


Small business start-up grants WA target financial support and skills training opportunities to help small business owners in WA navigate the difficult start-up stage – they apply to a range of industries from hospitality start-ups to local trades related businesses.


If you are searching for options to help expand your current staff and support that staff with new skills then you will find plenty of mentoring programmes, free and low-cost advisory programmes available which help to get your business acumen up to speed and teach business operators how avoid common pitfalls, particularly in the early stages of owning a business.

How do I qualify for a WA small business grant?

As a small business based in WA, you will automatically qualify to apply for a range of state funding and grant opportunities. These range from incentives, rebates and mentoring, to lump sum payments for things like research and development projects or staffing assistance.


At a more local level, you should check to see if your council or applicable authority supports community businesses with other types of funding or incentives. It’s a smart business move to investigate and make use of all the different options available to you.


Most grants are offered to businesses based on key indicators or requirements. For example, to qualify for staffing payments or incentives your business must be looking to employ new staff or, perhaps, seeking to offer apprenticeships and support younger people searching for work.


It’s always a good idea to check and double check all of the parameters and expectations attached to a grant which you intend to apply for at the time of application to ensure you understand exactly what is expected of your business in return for the grant.


The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science offers a thorough website where you can search for potential grants applicable to your state, needs and industry level. There are additional options for operators working remote or rural areas too. Check out for more information.


Available grants will often have a link to apply directly online or downloadable applications you can fill in later.


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