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Sell more, online
and in-store.

  • Delight customers with an interest free payment option.
  • Increase sales volume and boost revenue.
  • Get paid faster.

Sell more, online
and in-store.

  • Delight customers with an interest free payment option.
  • Increase sales volume and boost revenue.
  • Get paid faster.

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Grow your business. Get paid faster. Say goodbye to late payments with ProspaPay.

ProspaPay is a savvy business payment solution that makes it easier for small businesses to buy from you. It’s a win/win situation – you get paid quickly for the sale and your customer pays us back in 13 set weekly repayments.

Grow your business

  • Increase order values and decrease cart abandons.
  • Attract more customers and boost sales.
  • Grow repeat customers.

Delight customers

  • Customers buy from you now and pay over 13 weeks.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by offering payment options.
  • Offer an interest free payment method.

Cash flow friendly

  • Be paid fast, often on the same business day (under $10,000).
  • No credit or fraud risk for you.
  • Easy set-up and integration into your current systems.

Shift your focus from
cash flow to business growth

No more chasing unpaid invoices, no more extending payment terms – be paid quickly (often the same business day for transactions under $10,000) on all purchases made with ProspaPay.

Your customers will enjoy paying no interest while you grow your business.

With ProspaPay enjoy peace of mind that you’ll be paid on time!

For businesses wanting to…

  Be paid quickly


  Acquire new customers


  Drive incremental sales


  Increase basket size and revenue


  Gain a competitive advantage by providing greater payment options to their customers

How to work with us?

Using the ProspaPay Merchant Portal – your online dashboard to create and manage ProspaPay orders. It’s quick and easy!



How ProspaPay works

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Apply & Integrate

It takes minutes to apply and it’s easy to add ProspaPay to your website or invoicing process.

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Customer chooses ProspaPay as a payment method.

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You process the order. Prospa pays you and assumes the credit and fraud risk

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Your customer pays Prospa back over time, interest free

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Prospa is Australia’s #1 online lender to small business, offering fast, easy access to funds. Prospa has delivered over $1 billion in funding to 19,000 small businesses across Australia and New Zealand so far and are rated #1 Money brand in Australia on TrustPilot with a score of 9.9/10.

Frequently asked questions

What is ProspaPay?

ProspaPay is a business payment solution that gives business owners peace of mind by putting less time between them and their money. Once approved, integrate ProspaPay into your shopping cart or invoicing process and delight your customers with a no interest payment option that will help grow your business by encouraging customers to buy more from you. You’ll get paid by ProspaPay as quickly as same business day (for purchases under $5,000) meaning you won’t need to worry about cash flow, deal with payment terms or chase unpaid invoices.

What are the costs to my business?

An agreed merchant fee (calculated as a percentage of the invoice amount) per ProspaPay transaction. There are no additional facility or line fees.

How do I sign up as a ProspaPay Partner?

Call us on 1300 706 983 to talk to us about how ProspaPay could work for your business.

What’s the process for a customer to use ProspaPay?

It’s just a few minutes on the phone and in as little as an hour, the customer will be ready to use ProspaPay.

For a super quick process, ProspaPay asks the customer to have the following details on hand.

  • Drivers licence
  • ABN
  • Bank details
What’s the minimum eligibility criteria to use ProspaPay?
  • Sole trader, partnership, trust or company entity type
  • Established business trading for minimum 6 months
  • Turning over minimum $3,000 per month (average over the last three months)
  • Clear credit file
What limit can a customer get on ProspaPay?

Each customer is allocated a ProspaPay limit relative to their unique business circumstances and ability to service the repayments.

How do I submit a ProspaPay transaction? (Not an e-commerce sale)

There are two ways to submit a transaction:

  1. Email the customer’s invoice (with their contact details) to [email protected] The ProspaPay team will call the customer within a few minutes (during trading hours 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) to talk about signing up to ProspaPay.
  2. Sign up to the merchant portal. Create a new order and upload the customer invoice. Your customer will receive an email to get ProspaPay.
How does the customer authorise payment with ProspaPay?

The customer will receive a ProspaPay Agreement for the specific transaction. The customer digitally signs the agreement – authorising ProspaPay to pay the invoice using ProspaPay.

How will I know when to dispatch the order/start the job?

You’ll receive confirmation from ProspaPay (triggered by the customer digitally signing the respective ProspaPay Agreement).

When do I receive payment from ProspaPay?

1. Invoices between $50.00 to $10,000.00

ProspaPay pays the customer’s invoice on their behalf, upfront, into your nominated bank account.

2. Invoices between $10,001.00 to $20,000.00

After the customer confirms they’ve received the order, ProspaPay pays the customer’s invoice on their behalf into your nominated bank account.

How much is the payment from ProspaPay?

ProspaPay pays the invoice total less the agreed merchant fee (calculated as a percentage of the invoice total).

Outside of the transaction fee, are there any further costs to my business?


Does the customer pay any interest or fees?

There’s no interest ever. No fees if all payments are made on time.

What happens if a customer’s weekly Direct Debit is dishonoured?

ProspaPay passes on the dishonour fee and the following fees apply:

  • Late Payment Fee: 05% of the Amount Outstanding per day, which is due and payable on each day that an amount due for payment in connection with a Finance Document is not paid on the date (or by the time on the date) due for payment.
  • Returned Payment Fee: The amount of $20.00, which is due and payable on each occasion that any payment made (or attempted to be made, as the case may be) in connection with a Finance Document is dishonoured or, in the case where payment is by cheque, the cheque does not clear as cleared funds within 4 Business Days of deposit. Your Financial institution may also charge you a dishonour fee.
Is there recourse on my business if the customer is unable to finish their repayments?

ProspaPay takes on all credit risk. There is no recourse (claw backs) on your business.

What happens if there is a dispute with my customer?

If a customer informs ProspaPay of a dispute, ProspaPay will pause the customers obligation to make repayments for a set period. ProspaPay will contact the partner to work through any unpaid amounts owing.

What if I need to refund my customer for a purchase made with ProspaPay?

As ProspaPay have made payments on the customer behalf, all refunds owing should be made to ProspaPay.

Who is Prospa?

Prospa is Australia’s #1 online lender to small business, offering fast, easy access to funds, with approval and funding possible in 24 hours.

More information can be found at or by calling 1300 882 867.

Standard credit assessment, fees, terms and conditions apply.

Australian Credit Licence 454782 | ABN 47 154 775 667