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This year, chef and small business owner Dawood has seen over a 30 percent sales increase at his restaurant Fiusion Pizza in Liverpool, with the help of a small busines loan from Australian online business lender Prospa.

Creating and experimenting with food is Dawood’s passion. In order to take a step back from the everyday business operations at Fiusion Pizza, focus on the food, and achieve a balanced work life, Dawood decided to invest in slight business changes that would pay off in the long term.

But sourcing a small loan wasn’t such a simple process initially.

“When I wanted to make some improvements to the business and needed a loan to do so, I originally went to the banks,” says Dawood. “But it became very clear that they weren’t capable of helping a young small business looking to secure a modest loan.”

“That’s when I gave Prospa a call. I knew that the previous owners of the business had borrowed from Prospa and had heard good things. Prospa were able to approve the loan within a couple of days, and the application process was incredibly straightforward.”

Almost immediately, Dawood set to work improving the business, using the funds to ramp up advertising and marketing activity, install new shop front signage and LED lighting, as well as purchase a new oven and new uniform for staff.

The results have been tremendous. While the holiday period from December to February is typically quiet for small restaurants, Fiusion Pizza saw a record boost in sales and Dawood is well on track to working a three to four day week.

Working with Prospa to repay the loan has been an easy process for Dawood.

“With some business loans, it can feel like they are weighing on your shoulders – this isn’t the case with Prospa,” says Dawood. “The repayments are automatic and so manageable that I hardly notice them going out. Plus, the business growth achieved through Prospa has helped me to pay the loan off more quickly.”

Fiusion Pizza is located at 80A Boundary Road, Liverpool NSW.


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