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Explore funding options for buying commercial equipment

Prospa has helped thousands of small businesses to grow and thrive with a range of lending options tailored for small business finance like equipment financing options. It’s hard to stay relevant and competitive in a constantly changing market – so seizing opportunities when they come along is important.

Keeping your business up to date with the right equipment is the perfect place to start and Prospa has a range of equipment financing options.


Apply online in 10 minutes with funding possible in 24 hours.


Borrow between $5,000 and $300,000 with loan terms from 3 to 24 months and cash flow friendly repayments.

No assets? No worries.

There’s no security required
to access up to $100,000.


Deal with a dedicated Prospa loan specialist from application until funds hit your account.

Frequently asked questions

What is equipment finance?

Essentially, equipment finance is a loan type provided for the purchase of new or updated capital assets. Equipment loans can be used for large scale capital items like farm equipment or other heavy equipment used directly by your business to produce your goods or services. This type of finance is often borrowed against the value of the asset you are intending to purchase in much the same way a car loan or a home mortgage works. You can arrange regular repayment options and your Prospa personal broker will ensure that these repayments remain cash flow friendly so your business still has room to grow.

Because we’re more than just a lender, we’ll help with more than just finding you great finance options. We’ll work with you to get the finance to keep your business on track. When you need us, just call to speak with your dedicated customer service officer and we’ll be happy to help.


What kind of equipment can I finance?

Other commercial equipment you might be looking to purchase may include assets like hospitality related capital. Upgrade your commercial cooker or invest in a new refrigeration system with our help and boost your business’ capacity for growth.

Whatever your business, there could be leasing options available for what you need and we’re here to help you explore them and other finance options.

Construction equipment can make or break a small business. Without the right machinery, your business may not be able to remain competitive. Let us help you fund what you need to expand your business capabilities and provide the kinds of competitive quotes which will win your business plenty of ongoing and stable work.

There are also options to finance the purchase of equipment needed to support your business but which may not seem like they relate directly to what your business offers. Security is a prime example of a possibly expensive asset your business could benefit from but which might not feature highly on your list of capital purchases. A good security system such as CCTV can help keep insurance premiums down but may run into the thousands to have initially installed. Financing your security could provide significant long-term benefits.


How can Prospa help with Equipment Finance?

Prospa offers all kinds of finance options for all kinds of business types. Application is fast and straight-forward with a fully online application process requiring little documentation. Approvals are fast and once approved, you usually receive the funds you need in 24hrs.

To discuss your equipment loan or financing possibilities, simply contact us today or start an application online. We’re here to help your business. Ask us what your business needs and talk to us about the best way to achieve it with cash flow friendly repayment options and loans tailored to support not only the business you have now, but the business that you want to build in the future.

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