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#EmbracingEquity – International Women’s Day 2023

This year, International Women’s Day calls on us to #EmbraceEquity. It’s an opportunity to reflect on diversity, equity and inclusivity, and to take action wherever and whenever these ideals are under threat.

At Prospa, we strive to create positive change every day, and our progressive approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a powerful point of difference. Our action is underpinned by our commitments as a WORK180 Endorsed Employer for Women, our industry-leading parental leave policy, and flexible-first approach – so our team can bring their full self (and best self) to work every day.

On International Women’s Day 2023, we’re celebrating the achievements of the many women across the business and asking each other how we can #EmbraceEquity.

We talked to Prosparians across the business, in different roles and with different responsibilities, to understand their unique perspectives. We wanted to know how they #EmbraceEquity, what can be achieved when we all embrace equity, and their personal experiences. Here’s some of their insights.

Margot Birbeck, Director of Customer Operations

“I believe embracing equity starts with a safe culture, open communication and active listening which makes people feel valued and supported to be themselves. As a leader I continuously challenge my own biases and assumptions to identify and remove unique barriers for each person to help them realise their full potential, follow their passions, and achieve their dreams.”

Sneha Gangavaram, Credit Risk Manager

“At Prospa, I had my first baby and travelled to India during maternity leave. When I returned from leave, I couldn’t return to Australia and back to work due to COVID travel restrictions. I was supported by Prospa to work flexible hours with the time difference across the countries from day one. Prospa believed the best quality work is outcome-based, not output-based, and this environment has enabled me to continue making an impact to Prospa and its customers while achieving career goals and being the mum, I aspire to be.”

Alison Binskin, Head of Delivery & Optimisation

“For a long time, I missed career opportunities. Because I was a mum, it was assumed by some organisations that I wouldn’t want to – or be able to – progress in my career. Seventeen years on, I can look back and notice that there was a huge gap. I’m proud to now work at Prospa, where it’s embraced that I am capable, am not held back, and can take on every opportunity I’m given to accelerate my career.”

Selina Leung, Senior Marketing Manager – Customer & Partner Experience

spoke about the importance of embracing equity in her team. “When we all embrace equity, everybody wins. Our team is a place where everyone can contribute, regardless of their age, experience, background, or views. When we embrace our differences, we are more creative, we have improved problem solving and decision making, and work better together to deliver better outcomes for our customers and clients.”

Shevonne Acquilla, Marketing Specialist – Content & Social

“When you’re starting out in your career it’s important to have a good support network – you observe and learn from your peers and leaders how they engage with others. It’s been inspiring to see some amazing leaders at Prospa who make space for everyone in their team and provide a safe space place for them to be heard. When you see others embrace diversity and achieve great outcomes, you also feel supported and empowered to embrace opportunities and lean into challenges.”

Adam Cook, Sales Operations Manager

“Equity is a fundamental quality of any thriving and engaged society. It means everybody has the support, resources, and opportunity to pursue what they love; bringing their unique experiences, skills and voice to the things that matter most. It means our communities have deeper connections with each other as they learn to better empathise. Equity takes compassion but gives enrichment for all.”

Lisa Zhu, Head of Engineering

“Prospa is a workplace where we truly live and breathe our values. Our #OneTeam value speaks of embracing different perspectives, while our #BoldOpen&Real value creates a safe environment for our team members to bring forward their strengths and be the best version of themselves. It’s when we put these values into practice that we see each other succeed and show others what is possible.”

Sarah Heimeier, Service Design Lead

“Through embracing co-design – a design-led process that uses creative and participatory methods, so that everyone is included. This approach allows the people, who are the target users, to become central to the design process. By defining the problem, ideating, and solving the problem with them, we’re able to bring in their expertise. We make sure everyone has had the opportunity to speak during our sessions, or to give feedback after – and that it’s heard. It sets a standard and the expectation of working together at Prospa. Embracing equity means looking past gender, age, and other perceptions, and to show tangible actions and practices to achieve this.”

Yashvi Shah, Senior Commercial Product Manager

“There’s so much opportunity all around us, and one of the biggest ways I’ve seen equity in practice is by inviting people to take these on. I’m relatively new to Sydney, and one of the best ways that I’ve seen equity demonstrated at work is with my colleagues who frequently invite me to certain forums and personally connect me to individuals in a community that I’m considering joining. I am paying it forward by making sure that I create a similar environment for those around me.”