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As Australia’s #1 small business lender, we provide business loans in Victoria for local Aussies looking to get their business to the next level. Our 4.9/5 TrustScore has been achieved and maintained by ensuring we put our clients and their business goals first. Your business loans Victoria are offered to small Victorian businesses who are looking to prosper. Loan amounts start at just $5,000 for small projects and are offered up to $300,000 for larger business goals. For business loans Victoria up to $100,000 no security is required so no assets? No problems.


Start your journey online with Prospa today. Applying for your new business loan takes just 10 minutes online. Your approval could be received within the hour and for approved customers your new funds are usually released within 24hrs. You could start making your business dreams a reality the very next day!


So what does your Victorian business need to succeed and how can Prospa help you achieve those dreams?


No matter how big or how small your goals are, in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, Prospa is here to help. We have already invested $1.35 billion in small business loans across Australia. Our commitment to your business is about more than just the finance. Your lending specialist will dedicate your loan process to providing the best solution possible. This includes tailoring your repayments to ensure they remain cash flow friendly and not penalising you for early payouts. If your business is prospering then we don’t want to penalise you for it, we want to help you grow even more.


Start your application today or speak with one of our friendly loans experts. If you’re unsure exactly what your business needs to reach the next step, then start talking today. We’ll help you pin down exactly what amount you need to achieve the next level.

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