Prospa Business Account and Card Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing a Prospa Business Account (‘Business Account’ or ‘Account’) and Prospa Card (also ‘Card’). The Account and Card are issued by Hay Limited (Hay). This document sets out the terms and conditions of your Account and Card and forms part of your contract with Hay Limited as the issuer of this product.


If you commence using the Prospa Business Account and Card you will be deemed to have read, understood, and accept these Terms in relation to the Account and Card.


It is important that you understand these Terms because they set out our agreement on what will happen with things like how Hay or Prospa use your information, security, fees and charges and limits.


Please also carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) made available to you before applying for your Account and Card as these Terms form part of the PDS and together form our agreement with you for use of the Card and Account.


You should also read through the Target Market Determination (TMD) made available before you applied for the Card and your Business Account as together these form Hay’s agreement with you for the issuing and use of these products.


You can find the PDS here

You can find the TMD here

You can find the Financial Services Guide (FSG) here


If you need further assistance or if you don’t understand any items in these documents, Prospa can be reached at:


Mail: Level 1 / 4-6 Yuong Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 1300 472 623

Email:  [email protected]




The Prospa Card is a Visa Debit card. When you are issued with a Card you will receive a physical version of the Card which is linked to your Business Account within the Prospa App.


Once your Account has an Available Balance, you can use your Card anywhere in the world (where Visa Debit cards are accepted). Your Available Balance is a result of value you have transferred to you Account, and (if applicable) your Overdraft Limit.


You can use the Card to withdraw cash from your Available Balance at ATMs (note there is a daily limit that applies see Section 7 Fees and Limits). Your Business Account is linked to your Card. You can make BPAY and Pay Anyone transactions from your Account via the Prospa App.

If you have an Overdraft, you will be deemed to have loaded value to your Account by utilising your Overdraft Limit. When you make a payment from your Account the Available Balance will adjust accordingly. The Available Balance can only move to a negative amount if you have an approved and available Overdraft Limit.


You only access the value you have loaded to your Account by either transferring value to your Account or by utilising your Overdraft Limit as outlined above. Transfers of value to your Account where there is an Overdraft facility repay the Overdraft Limit first if the Overdraft Limit is being used i.e. Available Balance is negative.



To apply for a Prospa Business Account and Card, you must be at least 18 years old and comply with any of our eligibility criteria communicated during the onboarding process.


You will need to apply and be approved separately for an Overdraft for an Overdraft Limit be applied to your Account.


As part of your account opening you will need to supply specific information and documents for review, including basic KYC (Know Your Customer) information such as your name, residential or business address and date of birth, financial (and related) information and other relevant information (if relevant for identifying you and your company).



Once Hay have approved your application for a Prospa Business Account and Card , your Card will be sent to you via the post. Before you use your Card for the first time you will need to Unfreeze it in the settings of your Prospa App.


You will receive a business Visa debit card which you can use to make payments wherever Visa debit cards are accepted (Prospa Card). The Prospa Card is linked to a digital account (which is not a bank account) which can be accessed via the Prospa App (Prospa Account). Because the Prospa Account is not a bank account, the debit cards are not protected under the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS).




Your Prospa Business Account

You can transfer value to your Account from accounts held with other financial institutions. If you have an Overdraft, you will be deemed to have accessed the available Overdraft Limit when you make a payment from your Account and you do not have a sufficient positive balance to make the payment. This payment causes the Available Balance to reflect a  negative amount when you complete the payment.


When the Overdraft has been activated, subsequent transfers of value into your Account will reduce your Balance Owing on the Overdraft when they have cleared.


You can access your account through the Prospa App or website.

You can make payments from your account in 2 ways:

  1. To have funds transferred directly to a third party, you can log into your online Prospa account (including through the Prospa App) and use the available features, including BPAY, scheduled payments or direct transfer to facilitate a payment directly to a third party.
  2. To use funds to purchase goods and services in store, you can use your Prospa Card to make payments at any location that accepts Visa Debit .


You can only withdraw value from your account electronically or withdraw cash via an ATM.

You can make Pay Anyone transactions from your Business Account via the Prospa App. It is really important to enter the correct BSB and account information when authorising internet payments from your Account. Where you enter the wrong information:

  1. funds may be credited to the account of an unintended recipient if the BSB number and/or identifier do not belong to the person you name as the recipient; and
  2. If you enter the incorrect details, it may not be possible to recover funds from an unintended recipient.


Your Prospa Card

You can make purchases using you Card anywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted.


Within Australia, contactless limits vary at Point of Sale (POS). For example this amount can vary for purchases up to $200 without using your PIN. Contactless limits may vary outside Australia. As with any transaction, please make sure you check the amount is correct on the terminal before presenting your Card and authorising a contactless transaction.


You can withdraw cash from your Account using your Card at any ATM up to the limit that applies for ATM transactions. There are no Hay fees for using ATMs. However, you may be charged fees by other financial institutions or ATM providers when using their ATMs.


Hay does not charge a fee for using an ATM while outside Australia. Other ATM operator fees may apply.


You only access the value you have loaded to your Prospa Account either by transferring value to your Account or by utilising your Overdraft as set out in Section 2. The Prospa Card is not a credit or charge card.


Hay will either:

(a) deduct the amount of any transaction using your Prospa Card from your Available Balance or

(b) if you have an Overdraft Limit and your Available Balance is not sufficient to make the transaction, add the amount of the transaction to the balance owing on your Overdraft.


You can’t stop payment on a transaction after it has been completed. For mistaken or disputed payments please refer to the Section 9 Responsibility For Mistaken Or Unauthorised Transactions. Hay does not allow negative balances on the Account, unless you have an Overdraft in place.

Sometimes a transaction cannot be processed due to reasons outside of our control, like where there are network issues which may affect the relevant payment terminal. Hay is not responsible where a transaction authorisation is declined for any reason.


Restricted use of your Business Account and Card.


  1. You cannot use your Prospa Business Account and Card for any illegal purposes including using it to fund or purchase anything that is illegal under Australian law.
  2. You cannot sell or give your Prospa Card to any other person.
  3. Your business entity can only have one Prospa Card at a time.
  4. If Hay suspect that your Business Account and or Card are being used for illegal activity, Hay will suspend the Account and Card without notice to you.


Using your Card outside Australia


  • All transactions in foreign currencies will be converted into Australian dollars.
  • All foreign currency transactions will be processed using the foreign exchange rate determined by Visa at the time of settlement. Hay does not charge fees, margins, or spreads for foreign exchange payments.
  • The actual foreign exchange rate that has been applied will be shown in your Account on settlement.

Suspending use of your Business Account or Card


  • Hay can suspend the Business Account where Hay has concerns about security or to protect your Available Balance where Hay suspect the Prospa Card has been compromised.
  • If Hay becomes aware that you haven’t done what you’ve agreed to do as set out in these Terms Hay may cancel your Prospa Business Account and Card. If you have an Overdraft in place, this may also result in your Overdraft being cancelled. If this happens, Hay will let you know as soon as possible and refund your Available Balance to your nominated account.
  • The Prospa App provides you with the ability to Freeze a Card so that it cannot be used. You can enable and disable this feature as you require or if you detect suspicious activity on the Card. All suspicious activity should be reported to Prospa immediately.


Card expiry

The expiry date is shown on your Prospa Card. Hay will contact you prior to the expiry to let you know next steps for continuing to use your Prospa products after the expiry date.


  1. BPAY
    • You must hold an active Prospa Business Account to make BPAY payments through the BPAY scheme and these terms and conditions will apply.
    • Prospa provides BPAY through Hay, which is a member of the BPAY scheme.


Using the BPAY scheme

When you instruct Hay to make a BPAY payment, you must provide Hay with the following information:

  • the BPAY biller code of the biller to be paid;
  • the amount of the BPAY payment;
  • the biller customer reference number; and
  • the date you wish to make the payment

You acknowledge and accept that Hay are not obliged to make a BPAY payment if you fail to provide all of the information or provide inaccurate information.

If the information is successfully provided, Hay will debit the Account with the amount of that BPAY payment on the date you have provided.

Hay will not make the BPAY payment if your Available Balance, or (if applicable) your available Overdraft Limit, do not contain sufficient funds on the date you have instructed Hay to make that payment.


BPAY Scheme Payments

Hay cannot not accept an instruction to stop a BPAY payment once you have instructed Hay to make that BPAY payment.

The processing of a BPAY payment may be delayed where:

  • there is a public or bank holiday on the day you tell Hay to make a BPAY payment;
  • you tell Hay to make a BPAY payment on a non-business day;
  • another financial institution participating in the BPAY scheme does not comply with its obligations under the BPAY scheme; and
  • a biller fails to comply with its obligations under the BPAY scheme.

Although any BPAY payment processing delay is not expected to continue for more than one business day, you acknowledge and accept that a delay may continue for a longer period.


Incorrect payment amount to a biller

If you believe that you have made a mistake in a BPAY payment, you must contact Hay as soon as possible so that Hay can identify and assess the transaction.

If you discover that you have instructed Hay to make a payment to a biller for an incorrect amount:

  • if the amount you instructed Hay to pay is greater than the required amount, contact the biller directly for a refund; and
  • if the amount is less than the required amount, you should make a further BPAY payment to the biller for the difference.


Biller unable to process a payment

If Hay are notified that your BPAY payment cannot be processed by a biller, Hay will notify you and credit your account for the amount of the BPAY payment.


Suspension of BPAY

If at any time in the future continued use of the BPAY service may cause loss to you or Prospa or Hay elect to not continue with the service, Hay may;

  • suspend or cancel your right to use BPAY in relation to a particular Biller; and
  • suspend or cancel your registration to use BPAY without prior notice.


Processing Times

BPAY payments made on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays are processed on the next business day. BPAY payments may take longer if the biller does not process a payment as soon as they receive its details.

Liability for mistaken payments, unauthorised or fraudulent transactions

  • You must notify Hay immediately if:
    • you become aware that you may have made a mistake (except in relation to the BPAY payment amount – see Incorrect payment amount to a biller section above) when instructing Hay to make a BPAY payment;
    • you did not authorise the BPAY payment from your account;
    • you believe the BPAY payment was not processed as per your instructions (including delays);
    • you think you have been fraudulently induced to make a BPAY payment.
  • Hay will attempt to rectify any issues with your BPAY payment in the way described in this clause. If a BPAY payment is made on your account without your knowledge or consent, liability for that unauthorised BPAY payment will be determined in accordance with these terms. Otherwise, except as outlined in this clause, Hay will not be liable for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of using the BPAY scheme.
  • If a BPAY payment is made to a person or for an amount that is not per your instructions and your account has been debited with the amount of that payment, Hay will credit that amount to your account. However, if you were responsible for a mistake resulting in that payment, you must repay Prospa that amount, and you authorise Hay to debit that amount from your account.
  • If a BPAY payment is made in accordance with a payment direction which appeared to Hay to be from you or on your behalf, yet you did not give authority, Hay will credit your account with the amount of that unauthorised payment. However, you must pay Hay the amount of that unauthorised payment, and you authorise Hay to debit that amount to your account.
  • If a BPAY payment is induced by the fraud of a person involved in the BPAY scheme, you must bear that loss (and you authorised Hay to debit that amount of the fraud induced payment to your account) unless some other person involved in the BPAY scheme knew of the fraud or would have detected it with reasonable diligence, in which case Hay will attempt to obtain a refund for you of the fraud induced payment.
  • If you tell Hay that a BPAY payment made from your account is unauthorised, you must first give Hay your written consent addressed to the biller who received that BPAY payment, consenting to Hay obtaining from the biller information about your account with that biller or the BPAY payment, including your customer reference number and such information as Hay reasonably require to investigate the BPAY payment. Hay are not obligated to investigate or rectify any BPAY payment if you do not give Hay this consent. If you do not give Hay that consent, the biller may not be permitted under law to disclose to Hay information Hay needs to investigate or rectify that BPAY payment.
  • You indemnify Hay against any loss or damage Hay may suffer due to any claims, suits, demands or action of any kind brought against Hay arising directly or indirectly because you:
    • did not observe your obligations under these BPAY conditions; or,
    • acted negligently or fraudulently in connection with the other terms and conditions of your account.
  • Hay are not liable for any consequential loss or damage you suffer as a result of using the BPAY scheme, other than loss or damage which is due to our negligence or a breach of any condition or warranty implied by law which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified at all or only to a limited extent.




Current fees and charges that apply to your Account and Card can be found here

Hay will debit your Account for any fees (if applicable) including any fees that Hay is permitted to debit in accordance with the Prospa Overdraft Terms and Conditions.

Hay will let you know at least 30 days before a change takes effect through the Prospa App of any fee changes. Merchants and financial institutions may also impose fees or surcharges.

The fees for Business Account and Card are:

Transaction Fees
Account opening $0
Account keeping $0
Overdrawn $0
Direct debit dishonour $0
ATM withdrawal $0 at all major bank ATMs*
Domestic Transaction $0
International transaction 0%
Card Replacement Fee $0
Transaction Dispute Fees
Card payments $0
Non-card payments and transfers Up to $20

*Hay does not charge any ATM fee. A fee may be charged by the ATM Operator



The limits that apply to the Business Account and Card are:


Maximum value you can store in your Business Account at any one time $500,000
Minimum balance (i.e. maximum Overdraft Limit) -$50,000 (if eligible)
Maximum total deposits per day $250,000
Maximum single deposit transaction $100,000
Maximum ATM cash out per day $2,000
Maximum transfer limit per day (BPAY) $50,000
Maximum transfer limit per day (DE/NPP) $50,000
Maximum card spend per day $25,000
Maximum card spend per day (individual transaction) $25,000
Total daily transaction limit Is the total all maximum outbound payments


At any time, Hay can adjust the limits. You can find the current limits that apply to your Account and Card within the Prospa App or Prospa Website.




Protecting your Prospa Card information and PIN
It is important you keep your Prospa App and Prospa Card information and PIN and Passcode secure. This means that you must not unnecessarily disclose the card number on your Prospa Card, write a PIN or Passcode down either on the Prospa Card or on something you carry with the Prospa Card, or share your PIN or Passcode with any other person.

What to do when you suspect your Prospa Card is compromised or lost
If you believe your physical Prospa Card is lost (and there’s a chance you’ll find it) you can simply Freeze your Card in the Prospa App so that it cannot be used. While the physical card is frozen you can continue to make payments from your Business Account. After you have frozen your Prospa Card, you will not be able to use your Prospa Card until you unfreeze it.

If you believe your Prospa Card has been lost, damaged or compromised then you are able to request a new Prospa Card in the Prospa App or contact Prospa immediately on 1300 472 623.

Hay may need to block, delay, freeze or refuse transactions or suspend or close your account where Hay reasonably consider that a transaction is fraudulent or in breach of anti-money laundering laws or where Hay have concerns regarding your money laundering or terrorism financing risk. Hay is not responsible for any loss that arises where this occurs.



Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing

The AML-CTF Laws require Hay and Prospa to collect and verify certain identification information about you. Hay will collect personal information from third parties to verify your identity for this purpose as well.

Hay may be required to disclose certain information about you to AUSTRAC. Hay may not be permitted to tell you when this occurs. Hay may also be prohibited from fulfilling our obligations to you, such as continuing to provide you with the Card or the Account. Hay may also be required by the AML-CTF Laws to delay or suspend the Card or your access to the Account.


Where you think a transaction is unauthorised or is otherwise incorrect, please report immediately via the Prospa App, or by calling Prospa on 1300 472 623 and provide as much information as you can about the relevant transaction so it may be investigated.


There are specific circumstances and time frames where Hay can claim a refund in connection with a disputed transaction. This means the ability to investigate a disputed transaction is limited to the time frames imposed by payment service providers and schemes that Hay deal with so it is important to let Hay know as soon as possible after you become aware of a disputed transaction.


When might your Card be Frozen or Account Blocked?

If you suspect that the security of your  Account and or Card has been compromised, you may want to Freeze your Card and request we Block your Account to avoid continued unauthorised use. You can Freeze your Card yourself via the Prospa App

Prospa may instruct Hay to suspend your Card (Freeze) and Account (Block) in line with the Terms and Conditions of operating the Overdraft facility.

Hay may temporarily block, suspend or terminate your Prospa Card or Business Account without notice if Hay suspect fraud or an unauthorised transaction has occurred, or where Hay is required by applicable laws.

Prospa will contact you to validate the transaction or activity before removing the suspension.


Mistaken payment
Where you make a mistake when making a payment, Hay will try to reverse the transaction and retrieve your funds. However, if Hay can’t reverse the transaction, Hay is not responsible, and you will be liable for the mistaken payment.

Incorrect payments/issues with a purchase
If you have a problem with a purchase made with your Prospa Card or a disputed transaction, the first step is to get in touch with the merchant you made the purchase from.


If you cannot resolve the matter with the merchant, contact Hay about the disputed transaction via the Prospa App.

Lost, stolen Prospa Card or compromised PIN

You will not be responsible for unauthorised transactions:

  • that occur before your Card is issued to you;
  • that occur after you have frozen or cancelled your Card and while it remains frozen; or
  • where you didn’t contribute to the unauthorised transaction.


Hay may consider that you have contributed to an unauthorised transaction where:

  • you have not kept your Card, PIN or Passcode reasonably secure; or
  • there was an unreasonable delay in freezing or cancelling your Card where you believed it was lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.

Transaction history

You can view your transaction history in the App at any time. Hay take security seriously but please regularly check it to make sure there is nothing unusual such as:

  • transactions you don’t recognise;
  • transactions you didn’t authorise;
  • transactions where you never received the relevant goods or services;
  • transactions where the purchase price differs to the purchase amount; or
  • you think a transaction may have been duplicated.




You can close your Business Account via the Prospa App. Hay needs to wait for all payments to be settled before your Business Account is closed. After your Business Account is closed, you will no longer be able to use your Prospa Card.

You will remain liable for any transactions that were not processed, or that occur, on your Business Account (including, but not limited to, outstanding merchant purchases) at the time the Business Account is closed.

You must also pay to Hay all unpaid fees and charges (and, if you have an Overdraft, all outstanding amounts in relation to the Overdraft) prior to closing the Business Account.

Once the Account is closed and Hay are satisfied that all outstanding transactions have been presented and settled, Hay will refund you the Available Balance in your Account.




Where your Card is used for Unauthorised Transactions, you have a Disputed Transaction. Hay will seek to reverse the transaction if we can under the Visa Scheme Rules. Your ability to dispute a transaction or reverse an Unauthorised Transaction may be lost if you do not notify us immediately. It is your responsibility to regularly review your online transaction history to identify Unauthorised Transactions.


Under these Terms and Conditions, Hay may not be responsible for any loss to you if you do not dispute an Unauthorised Transaction within 45 days.


When you provide feedback to Prospa and Hay, we have the opportunity to improve our services to you. If you have a query about the Account and Card, you should initially direct the query to Prospa.


Prospa can be contacted via:

Mail: Level 1 / 4-6 Yuong Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 1300 472 623

Email:    [email protected]



If you are unable to resolve your issue with Prospa directly, you can escalate your enquiry to Hay via [email protected] or by phone 1800 080 081. Hay will take the following steps:

  1. letting you know who is handling your complaint;
  2. keeping you informed of what is happening; and
  3. resolve your complaint within 30 Business Days.

Hay will check with you to make sure you are satisfied with how your complaint was handled.


If Hay is  unable to resolve your complaint within 30 days, you may be eligible to escalate the complaint to Hay’s external dispute resolution service, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). AFCA provides fair and independent financial services complaint resolution that is free to consumers.


AFCA can be contacted at the following:

Mail:                      GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001;

Phone:                 1800 931 678 (free call)

Email:                   [email protected]




Prospa will collect, handle and use your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy available at

The policy contains important information about the purposes for which Hay collects your personal information, who the information may be disclosed to (including any overseas disclosures), how you can access and seek correction of the personal information Hay holds about you or how you can make a complaint about the handling of your personal information.




Hay is responsible for things that occur that are our fault. This includes things like your Available Balance being incorrectly debited due to our error.

Hay is not responsible for things outside of our control like;

  • when a merchant does not accept your Card;
  • delays or interruptions not caused by Hay;
  • transactions not being able to be processed, despite Hay taking reasonable precautions; and
  • a dispute between you and the supplier of goods or services purchased with the Card.

To the extent permitted by law and Visa scheme rules, the most Hay is responsible for is the maximum value of a transaction processed due to our error or, for other things that Hay may be responsible for, the amount of your Available Balance.



  1. Meaning of words

In these Terms, words that have a capital letter have the following meaning:

  • Acceptance Marks or Acceptance Brand means the symbols Visa uses at merchants and ATMs to inform Cardholders their Card can be used to make purchases or cash withdrawals.
  • Available Balance: means the total dollar value (in AUD $) that is available in your Business Account at a particular point in time which you can view by using the Prospa App and access through your Card or online Prospa account. To avoid doubt the Available Balance is the total of the Business Account Current Balance and the funds available within the Overdraft Limit if the Customer has an active Overdraft product from Prospa.
  • Account or Business Account: means the digital account that is linked to your Card and issued by Hay Limited. The Account is not a bank account.
  • Android Device: means a mobile device capable of connecting to the internet which is ‘compatible’ with the Google Pay App.
  • Apple: means Apple Pty Limited ABN 46 002 510 054 and its related bodies corporate and affiliates.
  • Apple Device: means a device such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch or other supported device which uses the Apple operating system and supports Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay: means the payment platform created by Apple for making payments using an Apple Device and a supported card registered on such a device.
  • Block an Account means a status Prospa has applied or instructed Hay to apply to suspend or block account transaction.
  • Freeze a Card means an action initiated by Hay Limited or by a Cardholder which result in all transactions on the Card being suspended pending investigation and or instructions to Unblock or Unfreeze. Once applied the Card is frozen
  • Balance Owing: (if applicable) has the meaning given to it in the Overdraft Terms and Conditions.
  • Current Balance means a value above zero and reflects the positive amount of value held in the Business Account
  • Card or Prospa Card: means the physical Debit Visa card which Hay Limited issues to you for use wherever you see the Visa Acceptance Marks.
  • Cardholder means the person to whom a Card is issued by Hay.
  • Customer means an individual seeking Account and Card services offered by Prospa.
  • Device means any equipment (electronic or otherwise), or artefact designed to be used to access your Business Account.
  • Google Pay: means the mobile wallet service provided by Google that enables you to make Google Pay payments.
  • Hay means Hay Limited ABN 34 629 037 403 Australian Financial Services Licence No. 515459 (also referred to as Hay or Hay).
  • Issuer means Hay Limited ABN 34 629 037 403 Australian Financial Services Licence No. 515459 as the Issuer of both the Card and Account.
  • Merchant means authorised vendors who are able to accept and process a Visa Debit Card.
  • Overdraft: means (if applicable) the overdraft facility made available to you by Prospa and governed by the Overdraft Terms and Conditions.
  • Overdraft Limit: means (if applicable) the maximum facility limit for your Overdraft as set out in the Overdraft terms and conditions.
  • Overdraft Terms and Conditions means (if applicable) the terms and conditions governing your Overdraft which were provided by Prospa and accepted by you prior to the Overdraft being made available.
  • Pay Anyone: means a payment from your Account to another person’s account with an Australian Financial Institution by using the BSB and account number of the person to whom you are making the payment.
  • PIN: means the 4-digit personal identification number used to protect access to your Card which is created by you when signing up.
  • Prospa Representative means an individual paid by Prospa Advance to promote, market or provide customer service for the Prospa Card and Account
  • Prospa App means the mobile application that operates and supports the Account and Card
  • Prospa means Prospa Advance Pty Limited (ABN 47 154 775 667) Australian Credit Licence (ACL) 454782
  • Passcode means the 6-digit passcode you nominate to protect access to the Prospa App.
  • Purchase Transaction means a purchase transaction of goods and or services using the Card at a Merchant.
  • Terms and Conditions means the detail and rules that apply to the opening, fulfilment and use the Card and Account. They are an essential part of a contract between the Cardholder and Hay Limited as the Card Issuer.
  • Unauthorised Transactions: means a transaction which you haven’t authorised and without your knowledge and consent.
  • Unblock an Account means an action only Hay can execute to reinstate an Account for use by a Business Account customer.
  • Unfreeze a Card means the releasing of the Freeze either at a conclusion of an investigation by Hay or on instructions of the Cardholder. Once removed, the Card is unfrozen.
  • Visa: means Visa Worldwide PTE Ltd.
  • Visa Debit means authorised physical or digital cards with the Visa Acceptance Brand or Acceptance Markings.
  • We means Prospa