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Why InvoiceNOW?

Invoice finance designed for your business. Read below to find out.

Get 100% of invoice value upfront

Access money owed to you instantly.

Funds in your account in 24 hours

Simply apply online in 2 minutes.

Your privacy is guaranteed

We never alert your customer.

The InvoiceNOW Difference

  • Did You Know?

  • Invoice value paid

  • Response time

  • 100% online

  • Money available within 24 hours

  • Private - customer not alerted

  • Simple weekly repayments

  • Repay any time

  • No financial statements required

  • No asset security required

  • Invoice Factoring

  • 70-90%

  • Days

Let's get started

Customer Satisfaction Rate 95%

Our customers rely on us. We’ve already helped thousands of them to grow.

  • Prospa ranks 20 in the BRW Fast Starters list 2015. Australia is obviously taking notice.

  • Capital raising of $60m is the largest to date by an online lender in Australia.

  • Prospa's ideas, their grasp of what the market wants, and their ability to deliver is simply awesome.

  • We looked at many Fintech companies but Prospa stood out from the crowd as a market leader.

  • Making it easy for small business owners with very simple, data-driven online lending.

  • The emergence of different kinds of funding is very welcome and has shaken the tree of the big banks.

  • Small business owners often find it difficult to apply and obtain timely funding. That's why we're working with Prospa.

  • The best of the post-GFC Fintech start-ups are starting to pull clear of the pack of also-rans…”

Let's get started

How Much Does It Cost?

Enter an invoice value to see the minimum and maximum clearing fees over 3 months.

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${{ ((output * 1.06) + (output * .02)) - output | number: 0 }}
min. interest & fees
for 3 months
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max. interest & fees
for 3 months

Your Questions Answered

Tell me about InvoiceNOW?

If you’re waiting for your customers to pay you, InvoiceNOW is the fastest and easiest way to get your money upfront. We’ll provide a cash advance of 100% of the value of any unpaid invoice, with money in your account within 24 hours. The term of the cash advance is up to three months and you can opt to repay at any time, meaning you’ll only pay for what you use.

How much does it cost?

We designed InvoiceNOW for the small business in mind and accordingly, we wanted it to be as simple and transparent as possible. There are no hidden fees - the cost of funding an invoice is made up of a small drawdown fee (2%) and an ongoing weekly interest rate, which will vary from business to business (between 0.5% and 0.85%). You’ll only pay when you clear an invoice and there are no penalties for early repayment. In fact, when you make early repayments we waive any outstanding interest on the invoice.

How fast do I get the money?

We get it to you fast. With the vast majority of invoices you clear, you’ll have funds in your account the very next business day. On occasion, due mainly to weekends and different bank standards, it may take 2 days before you see funds in your account.

Is there any penalty for early repayment?

No, there are no penalties for early repayment. In fact, we’ll waive all outstanding interest on the invoice if you repay early. We are totally transparent and upfront about the total amount due and the date of the final payment. Once you make the final payment or repay early your balance will be $0.

How do repayments work?

It’s important to offer you easy ways to manage your cash flow. We offer 12 weekly repayments that are automatically deducted from your nominated business account to help you avoid missing repayments.

Why do I have to sign in with my accounting application?

There are two reasons we require you to sign in with your accounting application - firstly, we need to pull in your accounts receivables invoices so you can pay them off and secondly, we need to understand your specific business so we can determine what credit ceiling we can offer your business. The fastest way of doing this is with a view into your accounting application. We take a huge amount of care with your data - we keep it safe with bank-level encryption and never share your information with third parties.

How is InvoiceNOW different from invoice factoring?

InvoiceNOW is not invoice factoring. We advance 100% of the value of the invoice and the money is in your account within 24 hours. You can repay the advance when your customer pays you, and we’ll waive any remaining weekly repayments.

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