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For our employees, as for many Australians, this weekend is special. Not only is it officially the first weekend of Spring, it’s also Father’s Day – an opportunity to gather with our loved ones, and celebrate the Dads in our life.

We are lucky to have some incredible fathers within the Prospa team, and wanted to showcase exactly what it is that makes them so special. With this in mind, we put out an anonymous survey to find out a bit more about the crucial life lessons that being a father has taught them. Below are a few of the answers that really stood out to us, and might tug on your heartstrings too…

Superheroes have a lot to learn too

The first learning we came across from Prospa Dads is the importance of setting an example for your kids. With the aim of being a “superhero” to their children, our Dads demonstrate good behaviour, wanting to help their kids learn and grow. They also accept however, that this is not a one way street, and that there is a lot to be learnt from their children. One Dad said that he truly believes “when a child is born, a father is born”. Children continue to amaze their parents as they grow and develop, and provide endless opportunities for life lessons along the way.

A sense of priority

Most of our Dads shared the fact that having kids helped reshape what was important to them. What once was a priority before children, was not necessarily one afterwards. As said by one of our Prospa Dads: having children “makes you realise what’s really important in life”. Another even adds that it reminds him “there are more important things in the world than work or football results…”. A third added his favourite moment is “…the second I walk in the front door each day my little girl comes flying down the hallway, jumping up and down yelling “Daddy, daddy, daddy”, and then a big hug. I look forward to that moment every day”.

Finding the right balance between work and life

Work-life balance is naturally an important consideration for our Dads. Some have different ways of achieving it, but the common theme is allocating specific time to spend with your kids. For most of our Dads this means getting into work early to free time at the end of the day. For some Dads, finding a work-life balance means putting away technology at home to ensure that they are present during family time, which is best enjoyed free from distractions. One Prospa father admits that “When I get home the phone goes on a shelf and doesn’t get checked until they’re in bed”. Another Dad said he sees work/life balance as a bit of a myth, and “ …its more important to be present for important moments – when your kids need you most – for the big moments in their lives”.

The value of family

Having children means life can be a little unpredictable at times. With this in mind, Dads will sometimes be required to forfeit work to care for a sick child, and should never feel guilty about this – even if it’s at the most inconvenient of times! Prospa recognises the value and importance of family and providing a supportive network for our parents is of paramount value to us. Our Dads know they’re in an environment where they can grow as employees, as well as a Dad. One Dad summed it up when he said “Prospa allows me to do my job and fit that into what best works for me and my family. If i need to pull the computer out at night or a weekend, then I’ll do it, because when I need the flexibility to be somewhere with my family Prospa understands”.

Our flexible working arrangements mean that trust is placed in all of our employees, allowing Dads to work in a way that suits them and always attend the things that matter to their kids and their family.

We wish all working Dads in Australia a wonderful Father’s Day. A day meaningful for them and their families.

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