Prospa is now open on Saturdays. Call our team between 10am & 4pm to discuss your loan.


When you apply for our business loan, we will assess the risk profile of your business and provide you with a customised offer including loan amount, term and interest rate. Our interest rates range from 9.9% to 26.5% per annum simple interest rate and offers vary based on things like your industry, how long you’ve been in business, and the health of your cash flow.

When you take out a business loan with Prospa, the only fee you will incur is an origination fee. There are no hidden fees for our business loans, and you’ll know exactly how much you need to pay and when from day one. There’s no compounding interest, no additional costs for early repayment and no additional fees (as long as you make your payments on time).

If you wish to receive your individual rate from Prospa, you should call on 1300 882 867 or complete our easy online application.